What You’re Not Allowed to Do in a Toxic Relationship

  • Having your own opinion.
  • Making yourself a priority.
  • Having your own space.
  • Feeling good.
  • Making independent decisions.
  • Trusting your partner.
  • Relying on your partner for love and support.
  • Talking about your deep feelings.
  • Discussing problems in a relationship.
  • Resolving issues together.
  • Having any real intimacy.
  • Feeling safe and secure.
  • Enjoying validation.
  • Feeling heard and appreciated
  • Sharing any real intimacy.

Things To Stop Doing to Start Healing

I get it, we all have habits and traits we need to break. But it can be so hard to do so. Here’s a few things we need to stop doing so that we can start our healing process.

  • Holding grudges.
  • Pretending to be okay and strong versus vulnerable.
  • Ignoring being hurt and judging our own feelings.
  • Not naming our own needs.
  • Being silent about our pain just so we can keep the peace.
  • Blaming ourselves for the thing we really have no control over.
  • Thinking small about our abilities and our purpose.
  • Carrying all these emotional baggage that don’t belong to us.
  • Entertaining any unhealthy relationships.
  • Replaying the pain in our heads.
  • Refusing to release the things that drain us.
  • Not being clear about our boundaries.
  • Wasting our time and energy.
  • Being unkind to ourselves for not healing fast enough.
  • Repeating old bad habits out of fear and comfort.
  • Thinking that we have to figure everything out alone.
  • Holding ourselves hostage to our past and mistakes.
  • Trying to make people understand who were not meant to.