Cops Rush to a California High School Due to Gun Shots. Staff Injured.

Yesterday, past three o’clock, there were heavy police presence and activity at the Vallejo High School in Vallejo, California following reports of gunshots. There were about three classes going on during a Career Fair being held in the campus when a few of the teenagers got into a fight with a few other guys. The three other guys fled the scene as the staff tried to break up the fight. Upon fleeing, the other guys fired shots and the staff who was breaking up the fight was shot and rushed to the hospital. Luckily the injuries sustained are not life threatening. As per protocol, a school-wide lockdown was immediately put in place.

An update from the Vallejo Unified School District was issued today regarding the shooting incident outside of the campus yesterday. The staff member is currently recovering from his injuries. The district has partnered up with the Vallejo Police Department to ensure safety and will be working on plans to ensure more safety for everyone. They also have mental health providers ready on-sight to assist any students who need additional support following the incident.

The VPD is still investigating the incident and the motive. There will also be an increase in the presence of site safety officers and Vallejo Police Department patrolling the area. For more information and tips, please contact the VPD immediately.